SCoSCo project

Solar Collectors with Static Concentrators for applications at intermediate to medium temperatures

Towards developing industrial Solar Thermal Collectors

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Aiming to provide heat at 150°C using solar thermal collectors. Static concentrators are used to take advantage of the non-uniform distribution of reflected sun rays. Our innovative design is robust, having few and fully enclosed moving parts

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Validating our predictions against real data. The optical behavior of the proposed systems are modeled extensively to ensure optimal performance. The constructed prototypes will be tested experimentally in outdoor conditions.

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Prototype devices with high market potential will be constructed, aiming to fil a market gap. State of the art technology will be applied and tested during the process. Practical knowledge will be transfered from research to the industry



Our team consists of two research institutions with long experience in the field of Solar Thermal Systems and three small and medium enterprises with high expertise in the design and manufacturing of solar collectors and tracking systems.